Adams xylophone 4 octaves

Adams marimba 4.3 octaves

Yamaha glockenspiel 

Vintage Deagan glockenspiel

Ross Vibraphone with long pedal bar

Zildjian crotales 2 octaves

Sabian crotales low octave

Almglocken 3 octaves

Tuned Thai gongs 2 octaves and B

Contra bass Java gongs (E F# G A B)

Adams Tubular bells 

3 octave Xylosynth

Cup chimes 1 octave

Doubachi x 6 

Paiste tam tam 36"

Wuhan tam tams 28" and 18"

Paiste gongs x 3

Opera gongs x 2

Windgongs large and small

19" Zildjian classic orchestral clash

Numerous suspended cymbals

Numerous Rides

Numerous Chinese cymbals including giant 28

Sizzle cymbal


Numerous Splashes

Chinese/Tibetan clash cymbals small and large

Remo rototoms 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 (pedal)

Lefima bass drum 28 (Deep)

Vintage Barry collapsible bass drum 24

NP Rope tensioned drums 18 and 14

Ludwig marching snare drum 14

Tama omnitune drum kit 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22

Tama cocktail kit

Premier Crown 13, 14, 16, 22

Sonor jungle 10, 13, 16

Mapex toms 10 and 14

Melodie Phan-toms

Tama gong drum 22

Provenance Rolls Royce snare 13x6.5

Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic snare 14x4.75

Tama Trackmaster brass snare 14x5

Eames Master Model 14x6.5

Ludwig 400 14X5

Premier Signia 75th snare 14x5

Premier Project One snare 14x7.5

Pearl orchestral aluminium snare 14x5 

Eames orchestral maple snare 14x6.5

Grover orchestral 13

Premier/New Era 12 toy drum

Tama piccolo 13x4 (x2)

Tama cocktail snare 12x5

Pearl piccolo 13x3.5

DW copy piccolo snare 14x3.5

LP micro snare

GonBops vintage congas (q, c, t) 

LP Congas White Candido Classics (q, c, t)

LP practice congas x 2

LP fibreglass bongos x 2 pairs

PJ  bongos 

Natal bongos

Premier Stick bongos

Meinl wood bongos

LP Tito Puente Bronze timbales

Yamaha wood timbales

Schlagwerk cajon

Numerous frame drums, riqs, duffs etc

Remo djundjun 16

Ethnic Kalimbas x3

Hugh Tracey Kalimbas with pickup x 2

Remo djembe 14

Remo trilok gurtu kick conga

Log drum/Kril x 2

Udu x 2

Metal Udu

African drum 

Talking drum


Chinese tom tom x 4

JAS musicals tabla



Gope Surdo

Gope repenique 

JP Caixa


Pandeiros x 3 + square


Numerous shakers

Numerous pairs of maracas

Shekeres x 5, metal bucket and mounted

Agogo bells

Cowbells x 10

LP jam bells x 2 

LP Jam blocks x 4

Rhythmes Temple Blocks x 5 and piccolo x 3

Grover woodblocks x 4

Japanese piccolo woodblocks x 3

Whip x 2



Ratchets (various)



Grover 8, 10, 12

Vintage Ludwig 10 (pop and headed x2)

Black swamp 10

LP cyclops x3 and mounted

Numerous triangles (Abel/Grover/Sabian/Nolan/Premier) 

Meinl rainmaker


Thundersheets x 2

Custom built wind machine

Lightning crasher strip


Ocean drums

Car horns


Lens drum





Various guiros (wood/metal/horn)

Frogs x 5 


Ice Bell

School hand bell

Burma bells

Finger cymbals

Finger cymbal tree

Castanet machine

Castanets (handled and loose) 

Wind chimes

Bamboo chimes

Pin chimes

Cluster chimes

Shell Chimes

Key chimes 



Brake drum

Numerous sound FX and toys

Trap tables

Roland SPD-S and triggers

Fender Passport PA

Mackie mixers

Monitors x 2

Focusrite Octopre 

Focusrite Saffire Pro 56

Mains power distribution

Patch Bay

Various microphones/stands/leads including;

C414 xls 

C214 stereo pair


Sm58x3 (one switched)

AKG headphone mic

AKG P170

Custom Subkick